Los 10 Mejores Hostels de Valparaíso

Los 10 Mejores Hostels de Valparaíso

La prestigiosa revista Broke Backpacker nos catalogo como de los mejores Hostel de Valparaíso y nos pone muy contentos.
«Well, La Joya Hostel is cool, stylish, hip, trendy, modern – all the words that describe a thought-out, really well-designed hostel. Staying here feels more like staying in a boutique hotel (and is sorta expensive, though that’s relative to other hostels in town), but because of that it’s probably the top hostel in Valparaíso for couples – some of the rooms are even designed with couples in mind. But yeah, it’s all so well done. Possibly the coolest hostel in Valparaíso, if not South America (really). As if it wasn’t sick enough there’s a free breakfast involved – feat. freshly baked bread might we add.» El reportaje completo aquí 

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